Missions Support

Every month, a certain percentage of our offering is designated toward missions projects in our community, our country, and our world. We break them down into categories of Foreign and Home Missions. The missions listed here receive a certain amount from The Journey each month. This lines up with our core value of generosity!

Money Table
Home Missions Monthly Support
Arin Nicholson with Youth Alive $100
Paul Stefan Pregnancy Center $100
Chris Zitzmann with Christ in Action $75
Becky Pucher, Chaplain to Elderly $75
Will Stroman with Urban Ministries $50
Community Touch Homeless Ministry $50
Fauquier Shelter Homeless Ministry $50
Culpeper Heat Shelter $50
Peter Odulana with Ground Zero $50
CARS Drug Addiction Ministry $50
Mike & Karen Kilmer Christ in Action $50
Teen Challenge Drug Addiction $50
Chris Davis Potomac School of Ministry $50
David Freeland NC Church Plant $50
Total Home Missions $850

Total Foreign Mission  $1060 

We currently support 19 foreign missionaries located all throughout the world. Due to the sensitivity of their mission and/or location we are not able to list their names.

Total Missions Support $1910

This number only reflects what is committed on a monthly basis. There are several other local and foreign causes we support depending on the need and available budget.