small groups

Small groups are a part of our DNA at The Journey. The majority of our groups meet from September to November & from February through April.

What should I expect?

Each group will be unique in its make-up and purpose: some groups will be study-based and search through the Bible; other groups are based in specialties and meet for activities and events.

Where/When/How long?

The groups will meet in different homes and locations through out the community depending on the purpose of the group. They will meet one night of each week for a span of 6-10 weeks. Each meeting will last 90 minutes.

Why Small Groups?

Life is so much more rewarding when we do it together. Although we already meet in a large group on Sunday morning, it’s important to have smaller gatherings in order to develop real, down to earth relationships. We begin to discover where other people are on their journey with God. We begin to feel like we aren’t alone in some of our struggles as we discover that others have bad days as well. We laugh together, eat together, pray together, learn together, and grow together. Ultimately, it’s about being together.

Our small groups run in seasons.  We always take a break through Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, sign ups will begin again after the first of the year.  Until then, consider inviting a friend from The Journey out for coffee or hosting a game night and making some new friends.